Emigration from Bohemian-Moravian Highlands of Czech Republic to America


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Research of Czech emigration from Czech Republic to USA, especially from the villages of Dusejov, Opatov and surrounding villages. And German-Bohemian emigration from the Czech Republic to USA, especially from the villages in the area around Stankov.


Czech Surnames researched include: Vopalensky, Vopal, Duba, Forman, Vasick/Wasicek/Washicheck, etc.; and related families. German-Bohemian Surnames researched include: Piemeisel, Piemeisl, Steinbach, etc.; and related families.


Susan Chapman, whose Czech immigrant ancestor is Joseph Vopalensky of Dusejov; and German-Bohemian immigrant ancestors are Joseph and Anna (Steinbach) Piemeisel; is the webmaster of this website. This website contains the combined genealogy research shared by several other researchers including Jaroslava Paulusova, Doreen and Arlo Duba, Nancy Anderson, Jinny Hopp, Rich Maresh, and more. We have shared our research that related family members can learn more about their family histories. Additional genealogy information is always appreciated!


This website is dedicated to Miloslav Cizek,
Michal Vopalensky
and Jaroslava Paulusova.

Thank you Miloslav Cizek for the treasured gift in 1998, the Dusejov book. Thank you Michal Vopalensky for contacting Katy J. Vopal and Susan Chapman, after seeing Katy J. Vopal's family website in 2001. Thank you to Jaroslava Paulusova for writing the Dusejov book, the Opatov book, the Borsov book, and thank you for your generosity, friendship, and making many people's dreams come true. You have all helped us to understand our ancestral roots, culture and heritage; and meet our Czech relatives. Thank you for bridging the gap between our hearts and our ancestors homeland.


Any and all contributions to this website are welcome and will be greatly appreciated. This is the story about our families, our legacy. Thank you to all the relatives that have contributed photographs, documents, and stories.

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Please note that not all data in the family file has been verified and some requires additional research. This website is updated as additional data becomes available.


"Dusejov Rody A Popisna Cisla"
by Jaroslava Paulusova
; a Czech book about the family history of each house in Dusejov, written in 1995 and revised edition written in 2013.

"Opatov - Obec, Domy, Obyvatele"
by Jaroslava Paulusova
; a Czech book about the family history of each house in Opatov, written in 2010.

"Borsov - v Minulosti I Soucasnosti"
by Jaroslava Paulusova
; a Czech book about the family history of each house in Borsov, written in 2015.

"The Czech Community Of Milwaukee 1848-1998, Dejiny Cechu V Milwaukee"
by Anton Daniel Acker
; a book about the history of Czech in Milwaukee, written by a Dusejov immigrant descendant.

"The Dubas of Opatov, Bohemia; Grant Co., Wisconsin; Brule Co., South Dakota"
by Arlo D and Doreen E Duba
; a book about the Duba family, written by an Opatov immigrant descendant.

Duba Family Book Index

"The Forman Family; Descendants of Jan Evangelista Forman and Terezie Dubova"
by Doreen E Duba
; a book about the Forman family, who came from Opatov, Bohemia; to Trego County, Kansas; Grant County, Wisconsin; Brule County, South Dakota; Dixon County, Nebraska.


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Thank you to the many relatives for sharing your photographs and stories. In the early 1990's, Caroline Fischer Goetz, Clara Vopalensky Ueberfluss, Margaret Vopalensky, Chester Vopal and my mom, Lorraine Vopalensky Bigalke; allowed me to make color photocopies of many of their old family photographs. I had also met with James Vopal, Elmer Vopal, Hildegarde Vopal, Sally Vopal and Katy J. Vopal; and I had phone conversations with George Vopal and Gladys Vopal; to discuss and share family history. To my cousins: I am still learning about how to scan photos correctly. The photos displayed on this website are sized and formatted for web viewing. I had scanned many photographs as jpg files, and am now rescanning photographs as tiff files for archival storage. If you would like any photographs, please email me and I can send you a good quality jpg or tiff file. I would appreciate any photographs that you would like to contribute for the website and the family archive of photographs.

Thank you to Paul Vopal for taking digital photos at the Milwaukee cemeteries of the Vopalensky / Vopal family tombstones.

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