Festival - Cesky Den in Hillsboro, Wisconsin

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  • Name Festival - Cesky Den in Hillsboro, Wisconsin 
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      Czech History

      All of Wisconsin’s major Czech settlements were made in the 1850’s. The Czechs settled primarily along the eastern lakeshore, from Racine to Manitowoc, and in the bluff and coulee country of LaCrosse, Vernon, Grant, and Crawford counties. Their communities were founded specifically for farming, as most had been peasant farmers in Bohemia and Moravia before immigrating to America.

      The Czechs were attracted to Wisconsin by low taxes, inexpensive land, similarities to their homeland in soil and topography, political and religious freedom, and liberal residence requirements (males could become voters after six months if they swore an intent to become a citizen). They were, at the same time, being pushed out of their provinces in the Austrian Empire by the absence of these opportunities and freedoms.

      In Vernon County, the Czechs settled almost exclusively in Champion Valley, which stretches south from Dilly to Yuba. The number of Czechs in Vernon County was never large, 1870-281, 1880-446, 1890-415. Nonetheless, these Czechs, like their countrymen elsewhere in the state, readily maintained their cultural traditions. These traditions may today be seen and sampled in June each year during Hillsboro’s "Cesky Den" celebration, which features Czech foods, music and dancing.

      Submitted by Clara Overbo