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1 S786  A About the Webmaster - RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Chapman, Susan (114) - Vopalensky, Jan (1) and Duba, Josefa (2)  Chapman, Susan  Welcome to the website.

My name is Susan Chapman, and this website contains my mothers genealogy. I have been working on the family history for many years, collecting family history memorabilia since my childhood. This website is my way of sharing my research with family and friends. My mother Lorraine VOPALENSKY Bigalke was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, and married Chester Bigalke. Her parents are Joseph VOPALENSKY and Mary Piemeisel VOPALENSKY. My great-grandfather, Jan VOPALENSKY and grandfather, Joseph VOPALENSKY were born in Dusejov, Czech Republic and immigrated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA in 1891. My great-grandfather, Joseph Piemeisel was born in Puclice #24 (Putzlitz), Czech Republic; married Anna Steinbach Piemeisel of Maly Malahov #4 (Klein Mallowa), Czech Republic; and immigrated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA in 1882.

In 1998, I visited Dusejov, Puclice and Maly Malahov. In Dusejov, Miloslav Cizek gave me a Czech book about the history of Dusejov, written in 1995 by Jaroslava Paulusova. Because of this book, other researchers visited the Czech Republic. In 2007 the author of this book, visited many of the cities in the USA where the emigrants from Dusejov and surrounding villages, had settled; and in 2013 visited the USA and attended the 2013 Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International Conference. Jaroslava wrote a Czech book about Opatov in 2010 and updated the Dusejov book in 2013; both books include a chapter about Czech emigrants from those villages, that families in the Czech Republic will know where their relatives settled in the USA. Jaroslava also wrote a Czech book about Borsov in 2015, where the Vopalensky family lived before settling in Dusejov. Information is being collected by Jaroslava, for a new book about Dudin.

This site includes the genealogies of many families that immigrated from Dusejov and surrounding villages, to the USA. Often these families arrived together on the same ship, or were neighbors, or their children married each other. Someday, I hope to find out how all the VOPALENSKY and Piemeisel families in the United States of America (Ameriky) are related.

Society Memberships

*Milwaukee County Genealogical Society, Inc.* - Board Officer - Historian 2014-2016, Area Research Group Coordinator 2014-

*Czech/Slovak Genealogy Interest Group* - member organizing committee
+2014 May 31 - Speaker at meeting at New Berlin (Wisconsin) Library - "Using U.S. Resources and Maps - To find the name of your Ancestral Village" and "Historical Maps - Military, Cadastral"

*Sokol/Sokolice Milwaukee, Inc.* - member

*Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International* - member
+2013 Oct 25 - Speaker at 14th Genealogical/Cultural Conference in Lombard, Illinois - "Family Websites"

*Wisconsin State Genealogical Society* - member

*Milwaukee PAF Users Group* - member

*Wisconsin Czechs* - member

*Wisconsin Slovak Historical Society* - member

*WFLA Western Fraternal Life* - Lodge 48 - member

Special Thanks
Thank you Miloslav Cizek for the treasured gift in 1998, the Dusejov book. Thank you Michal Vopalensky for contacting Katy J. Vopal and Susan Chapman, after seeing Katy J. Vopal's family website in 2001. Thank you to Jaroslava Paulusova for writing the Dusejov books, the Opatov book, the Borsov book and thank you for your generosity, friendship, and making many people's dreams come true. You have all helped us to understand our ancestral roots, culture and heritage; and meet our Czech relatives. Thank you for bridging the gap between our hearts and our ancestors homeland. 
2 S210  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Vopalensky, Marie (369)  119  119 
3 S25  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Anderson, Nancy Russell (976) - Washechek, Jacob (825) and Duba, Mary (826)  Anderson, Nancy Russell
Our Melting Pots by Nancy Russell Anderson
Vasicek (Washechek) - Opatov
Duba - Opatov
Lomica - Zadveric (Moravia)
Dolejsi -
Wodraska (Vodrask, Wodwaska) - Sobeslav
Fisher - 
216  216 
4 S623  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Beran, Evelyn (husband's ancestor) (13473) - Beran, Wencil (12224) and Pipal, Marie (12225)  Beran, Evelyn
Sanford-Shulsen Family
Our Family is an American Melting Pot, combining early New England lines with more recent immigrants from Norway, Sweden, and Bohemia (now Czech Republic). Major New England lines include: Descendants of Thomas, Robert, Andrew and Zachary Sanford of Milford, Hartford and Saybrook, Connecticut; Descendants of John Sanford of Rhode Island; Descendants of Richard Platt of Milford; and many families from Fairfield County, Connecticut
Beran -
Pipal -
Zapotocny -
Zemlicka - 
5 S775  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Bright, Josette - Duba, Jakub  Bright, Josette
I am researching the following names all who resided in southeastern Nebraska, epecially around the Wilber, Nebraska area. I would be willing to share and exchange information. Duba - Opatov, Caslav; Kratochvil - Kardasova Recice; Novotny - Kardasova Recice; Salda - Vysoka, Jicin; Synovec - Thoty, Zilezny Brod.
email: Josette Bright - - Posted 20 October 1999 
6 S202  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Cermanova, Libuse Bartu (4920) - Vopalensky, Josefa (4908)  Cermanova, Libuse Bartu
Genea 2 in Genea 2010 Web Site, managed by Libuse Cermanova 
7 S822  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Davis, John - Piemeisel, Barbara (3446)  Davis, John
Davis-Vaughn Family tree
owner - john0831 
8 S821  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Dohnal, Cheri (14001) - Kokes, Jan (13965)  Dohnal, Cheri
The KOKES and BADALIK immigrants
by Cheri Dohnal 
9 S819  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Duba, Doreen (husband's ancestor) (3170) - Duba, Joseph (3165) and Forman, Joseph (3152)  Duba, Doreen and Duba, Arlo
The Forman family : who came from Opatov, Bohemia to Trego County, Kansas, Grant County, Wisconsin, Brule County, South Dakota & Dixon County, Nebraska
by Doreen Eckles Duba
The Duba family
by Arlo D. and Doreen E. Duba
In Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah
The Duba family
compiled by Arlo D. and Doreen E. Duba
The Dubas of Opatov, Bohemia to Grant County, Wisconsin and Brule County, South Dakota. Descendants of Martin Duba (d. abt. 1853) and Teresia Pacalova. They had five children: Vaclav, Katerina, Martin Teresie and Josef, all born in Czechoslovakia. Several of their children came to America and settled in Wisconsin and South Dakota. Descendants live in South and North Dakota, Wisconsin, California, Ohio, Missouri, Michigan, Minnesota and elsewhere.
Includes related families of Beran, Krebs, Pipal, Svoboda, Willow, Melchert, etc.
Includes index. 
10 S217  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Dusbabek, Charles (1942-2010) (2153) - Piemeisl, John (2128)  Dusbabek, Charles Elmer   
11 S211  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Fischer, Trent (3826) - Vopalensky, Joseph (373)  Fischer, Trent 
12 S818  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Hopp, Jinny (7077) - Vasicek (Washecheck), John (248) and Womastek, Franz (7141) and Rychecky, Matej (237)  Hopp, Jinny
Posted: 26-Jun-03 18:51
Location: Carthage MO USA
I am looking for information about my ancestor family. Vaclav and Theresa Vasicek came to the USA August 1867 with their children John, Joseph, and Sophia. They lived in Wisconsin, Kansas and then Oklahoma where Vaclav filed for a homestead of 160 acres. Theresa claimed the land after Vaclav died. She moved to another county in Oklahoma and filed her own homestead! John is my great grandfather... I know the history of the family in the US but want to know the about the villages in Bohemia where they were born. Thanks for any assistance you can provide. Jinny Hopp
Looking for Wasecek (Washicheck, Vasicek, Washecheck). My relatives homesteaded in Oklahoma in 1890. My grandfather, Ed Washecheck, was born at Cuba Kansas. His parents were John and Anna. John is son of Wenzel and Theresia Wasnecka (listed as Johann Wasnecka, age 7) from Bohemia. They arrived in the US on 8 August 1867 at NY on board the Marco Polo bound for Milwaukee. I am seeking their village in Bohemia.
email: Jinny Hopp - - Posted 08 January 1999
VK HOPP tree on
Couch family 
13 S502  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Janca, Dorothy (11010) - Vichr, Frantisek (10984) and Kos, Josefa (10985)  Janca, Dorothy
AzDorothy Posted: 19 May 2001 6:00AM
Classification: Query
Surnames: Masilko, Vichr, Kos, Herna
I have an Anna Masilko from Rychnov married to a brother of my great grandfather by name of Tomas Vichr. Anna was born about 1851 and died in Chicago area February 02, 1920. She is buried in St. Adalbert Catholic Cemetery, Cook Co. Illinois, USA. She had 2 sons that I know of, John James Vicher and Josef Vicher. This info came from a combination of tombstone, church records and social security records. The Vichrs came from Chrastov #17, a nearby village. My greatgrandparents were Frantisek Vichr and Josefa Kos. Josefa and her sister Anna were from Novy Rychnov #19.
Looking for links with this surname Frantisek Vichr born March 3, 1844 in Chrastov, okres Pocatky, kraj Tabor. He Married Josefa Kos, born January 23, 1858 in Novy Rychnov, kraj Tabor. All living children were daughters Frantiska, Anezka, Marie, Sophie, Emily, and Johanna. Frantisek's father was Bartolomej Vichr, son of Jacob.. There was another son, Tomas who came to Chicago and his sons John and Joseph changed the spelling to Vicher. John had a son named Edward. Edward was in the US army in 1943. Josefa had at least one sister who married a man surnamed Herna. One child, Eduard Herna, died at age 18 in Chicago after being in US only 8 mos. (1905). Josefa's father was Jan Kos, son of Frantisek Kos and Theresa Rysova (both of Novy Rychnov) and mother was Anna Hanzal, daughter of Matej Hanzal of Rohozna and Marie Hodac of Dusejov.
email: Dorothy Janca - - Posted 16 February 2000
Borbara’s children also came to America. I’ve also been in touch with a woman named Dorothy Janca from the Blahnik family. She comes from Josef Blahnik 1829-1912’s daughter Barbora Blahnik. She married Vaclav Halama from Chodska Lhota. Their son, James Halama came to the United States. This is Dorothy’s Grandfather. Dorothy was good enough to send me some of the letters and publications of Ladislav Blahnik. She was already aware of her connection to Joel as they both come from the 14th generation, Josef Blahnik 1829-1912 of Smrzovice Bohemia.
Barbora Blahnik born April 14, 1865 in Chodska Lhota, Bohemia married Vaclav Halama. Their son,
James Halama born 1894 came to the USA and married Marie Vichr. He died in 1983 in the USA.
From: Dorothy Janca
Subject: Re: [BOHEMIA] Religions
Date: Sun, 02 May 2004 20:42:37 -0700
Congregation of Bohemian Freethinkers was located at 1520 W. 18th St.,
Chicago, with a minister by the name of Frank Iska in 1915.
The Czech and Slovak Genealogical Society of Arizona (CSGSA) provides educational assistance and awareness in learning about Czech and Slovak heritage and documents resources available for genealogical research. You may contact this society through its president, Ms. Dorothy Janca, by e-mail at 
14 S207  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Klimesh, Cyril M (wife 's ancestor) (967) - Vopalensky, Frank (196)  Klimesh, Cyril M  Cyril Klimesh (1917-2015)

author of the book: They Came To This Place, A History Of Spillville, Iowa And Its Czech Settlers (1983)

old website:
Cy Klimesh

Note: Cyril had posted years ago in one of the CGSI surname books. I wrote Cyril asking about the Vopalensky family. He sent me information about his wife's ancestor, Frank Vopalenksy who immigrated in 1862 to Grant County, Wisconsin. In 1998, I visited the mill in Novy Rychnov #98, where Frank Vopalensky had originated from. Cyril had told me about his trip to the Czech Republic, including Novy Rychnov, during the communist regime. 
10  10 
15 S204  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Maresh, Richard (3003) - Vopalensky, Frank (196)  Maresh, Richard
162  161 
16 S400  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - McCokendale, Lynita (8888) - Rychecky, Jan (236) and Burian, Marie (240)  McCokendale, Lynita
17 S205  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Mitchell, Margie J Vopalensky (926) - Vopalensky, Frank (196)  Mitchell, Margie J Vopalensky
on Ancestry: Mrsmoose127 and Margerymitchell 
18 S209  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Mulkins, Jerry Robert (wife's ancestor) (5004) - Vopalensky, Frank (196)  Mulkins, Jerry Robert
62  62 
19 S820  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Pagel, David (wife's ancestor) (1100) - Piemeisel, Joseph (263)  Pagel, David
Anne Marie Dunn-Andris Family Tree
owner - davidpagel
Scherkenbach descendant 
20 S817  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Paulusova, Jaroslava (10274) -   Paulusova, Jaroslava
Author of books about history of villages of Dusejov, Opatov, and Borsov. 
21 S28  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Pavlekovich, John Robert (1781) - Piemeisel, George (445)  Pavlekovich, John Robert
and Family Tree posted at WFT v104t2591i236 
22 S31  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Rautschka, Gerhard (6146) - Steinbach, Wenzel (1367)  Rautschka, Gerhard  Steinbach family of Maly Malahov (Klein Mallowa) in Czech Republic to Germany and USA:
(OLD -
(OLD -
In 1980, Gerhard and his brother visited Maly Malahov.

Anna Steinbach married Joseph Piemeisel and immigrated to Wisconsin in 1882. Anna's sister Katherine Steinbach also immigrated to Wisconsin. Their sister Maria Steinbach married Johann Rautschka and their descendants currently live in Germany.
(Common ancestor - Wenzel Steinbach (1367) of Maly Malahov #4.) (see map of houses in Maly Malahov) (see the transport list from 2 May 1946 for the inhabitants of Maly Malahov to Germany) 
85  84 
23 S452  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Sazama, Mae (husband's ancestor) (600) - Glaser, Mathias (9841)  Sazama, Mae
From: Joseph Sazama
Subject: [DEU-SAARLAND] Mergen, Josef Auswanderungen on Ancestry
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 13:19:22 -0700 (PDT)
Search under "Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s" using
the surname of interest. 
74  74 
24 S24  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Schoenwald, Steven R (6887) - Washechek, Jacob (825)  Schoenwald, Steven R
Hoffman/Washechek and Engbrecht/Schoenwald Ancestry by thedakotaman 
25 S193  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Staudacher, Betty Ann (4744) - Kubicek, Agnes (15)  Staudacher, Betty Ann
Benes/Benesch Family
with Mary Warren and Charlotte Williams
Betty Ann Staudacher
8129 Richmond Ct
Wauwatosa, WI 53213
214  214 
26 S215  RESEARCHER (Czech) - ANCESTOR - Vogel, Howard J (8510) - Piemeisel, Barbara (3446)  Vogel, Howard J
From: "Howard J. Vogel"
Subject: New Member of List-Vogel Family Name
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 13:13:10 -0500

I am most grateful to the members of the list and the GBHS for the rich
body of shared work that you have done on the Berman Bohemian Heritage.
I have joined the list in pursuit of reserach I am doing on the
following thjree names: Vogel, Flor and Piemeisel. They came to Brwon
County, Minnesota, USA in the 1850s from the village of Bernstein in
Waier Parish, Bischofteinitz.

I am the great-great grandson of Simon and Barbara (Piemeisel) Vogel
who came to Brown County in 1855, 1856 or 1857 (dependiing upon source)
. I grew up in New Ulm, Minnesota and now live in St. Paul, Minnesota.
I have already learned a great deal from the pathbreaking work of Robert
Paulson and Ken Meter, as well as the wonderful GBHS website and
associated resources. I look forward to joining the cnoversation on
this list.

Howard J. Vogel 
48  48