CEMETERY Bendon Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery, Bendon, Brule County, South Dakota, USA

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  • Title CEMETERY Bendon Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery, Bendon, Brule County, South Dakota, USA 
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    Text The Holy Trinity Bendon Catholic Cemetery is location 10.5 miles south of I-90 on SD HWY 50 and 5 miles east on 261st Street.

    Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery (aka Bendon Cemetery) is located in the SE 1/4, Sec.27, Range 69 in Richland Township, Brule Co., South Dakota. It is nine miles south and six miles west of Kimball, SD.


    Historic Holy Trinity (Bendon) Church and Museum
    The church was built in 1893 by Bohemian pioneers. Relocated to Kimball and restored in 1982. Contains Bohemian artwork and artifacts of more than 100-year vintabe. Intricate altars make a striking setting for weddings and is enjoyed by tour groups. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Bendon.
    Stood on the hill to the north. Built by the beloved pioneers at rest here. Incorporated Nov. 27, 1898; moved Dec. 17, 1982. Earth Changes but Gaod and their souls are eternal. The Church has been restored by The Brule County Historical Society in Kimball, S. D..

    http://stmargarets.midstatesd.net/cemetery.html (2013)
    Sexton duties are currently being done by Fr. Swietowchowski. Grave space easements are arranged through the Parish Office---778-6420. No monuments may be placed without prior approval of the sexton. Monuments must be in keeping with Christian symbolism and decor. Trees, benches and other semi-permanent accessories are not allowed. Contact the sexton with any questions concerning records, decorations or monuments. 
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